The team at Scott Group Studio have been missing colour lately (a lot!) because of the cloudiness that comes with the cooler Michigan winter months, so a couple of these renderings are their way of expressing their longing for it. Only a few more months until spring, so our hope is that this will help us all get by for now! 😉 For February’s renderings of the month, we chose to manipulate our pattern Rolston (based off of the original pattern W76780M – Mackinac with Rolston OT with silk). Enjoy!


We love the variety of soft neutral colors in this tonal, but dimensional design. After scaling up the pattern, we broke apart some areas with the intention of making them a thin white undertuft. This gives the rug a broken, asymmetrical appearance while still possessing a unity that helps it feel complete. A nice directional striae in the field allows for good movement in the length of the rug, while the multiple colors in the pattern help your eye move naturally around the design.


W76780_Rolston OPTION3
After scaling the pattern down 70%, we used the outline of Rolston as a lattice overlay, and added a ton of confetti-like color for a unique, fun aesthetic. This one has so much energy, and could be paired with clean cut, white furniture, or even a funky, loud colored sofa. (Think, teal, or bright orange with crisp white pillows!) It could be a gorgeous conversation starter.


Okay, so we know what you’re thinking–Purple and pink?! But hear us out. We’ve shown our support for the pretty palette, and Pantone called out this duo as our color of the year, right? Keeping an open mind, I can see this in a few different settings, and be a beautiful addition to a multitude of rooms. For example, imagine a cool, modern boutique, with a lush lounge area filled with contemporary furniture pieces, and this trendy rug as a fresh twist. Or, if it’s too out there for you, maybe this would fit nicely in a fashionable little girl’s room, to keep your sense of style throughout the entire house? Either way, I’m into the pretty feminine look here, with the vertical overlap creating this new pattern from Rolston. If you wanted to take the luxury up a notch, I think the small white spaces would be gorgeous as a lower sparkling white silk.

Stay warm!

-Scott Group Studio

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