Today marks the re-launch of Rendering of the Month series from Scott Group Studio. They are changing things up this go around and getting members from our talented design team involved. Read on to see how Rendering Specialists/Designers Travis and Jamie re-imagined our “Recinto” pattern by Hokanson.

Travis and Jamie write: To contrast the neutrality of antique gold and French grey in the original, we went intense with these new renderings. These colors are not shy about expressing themselves. Warm neutrals have given way to black, white, and navy tones while sharing the stage equally with vibrant citron, scarlet, and ethereal sunset tones.

In this first rendering, to counter to the linearity of the original pattern, we found inspiration in nature’s golden spiral. Series of spirals made of retro-infused shapes were rotated and overlaid in a figurative sandwich creating different platforms for components of the original to engage us in new ways.

In the next variation, we’ve deconstructed Recinto and used only the vertical elements from the original allowing them to cascade from the edge like gravity acting on paint. Some of the white bands terminate within the field playing up the organic quality of the linework in the original. This is all held in place by a crisp horizontal overtuft.

Red and navy ground themselves in another composition where the scale and density have been kept true to the original. We manipulated the visual texture by having some of the pattern recede while drawing other elements to the face of the rug creating a multi-dimensional illusion.

In this contemporary variation, the white cross-hatched linework is familiar as it was kept at the original scale. The black and white elements serve as a visual frame to contrast and compliment the massive piquant citron monolith.

To contrast the flatness of the original, the final rendering was created to rely on dynamic planes of linework. The new lines are are distorted into multiple perspectives, so no single view yields the same visual logic. To let the intensity of the pattern breathe, we’ve designed this colorway tone-on-tone.

Thanks to Travis and Jaime for the beautiful and inspirational new renderings. For more pattern inspiration or to view the original Recinto pattern by Hokanson hop over to our Virtual Sample Library.

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