March is here, and it’s got us thinking spring! This month’s renderings focus on the pretty organic pattern, Darra (based on 350597). The pattern is really in no way geared toward floral, but for some reason the softness in the different segments of the shapes make me think of petals, and the way they lay and interact with one another. Enjoy!

This version of Darra is is scaled up tremendously, letting a single repeat bleed out to the edges of the rug. We eliminated some of the connecting lines within the pattern to create a more organic broken aesthetic.

The original pattern seemed to want to become a circular rug, so we cropped and centered the design to this shape. We envision this a multi-level cut pile design, with an indigo or dusty grey field and a neutral pattern perched up above.

There’s something very fresh and energetic about greens, and since we’re thinking of spring, we went with it! We toyed with our initial floral inspiration, and created a large scale, asymmetric design. As a contrast to the first design, we used the pattern lines as a lower loop, giving the “petals,” some additional emphasis and prominence.

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