Métal Composite

Métal Composite

Design and production of bespoke decorative metal finishes for VIP aircraft and yacht interiors. Based in the south of France, Métal Composite offers the interior designer the chance to create truly unique finishes for walls, ceilings, doors, furniture and fittings as well as original artworks.

Metals used include pewter, titanium, copper, zinc, brass and bronze. Custom colours are created using special mixes of these and other metals. The metals can be direct applied to most substrates and are offered as smooth or textured, polished or oxidised.

In-house design works closely with the client to create the exact look required by a process of sampling.

Carter Green has represented Métal Composite for nearly 10 years and as such we have developed a good insight as to how and where these finishes might be used and can work closely with the designers during the development period. We also assist Métal Composite with the project management during the production phase of our projects which can involve the specification of a large number of different custom finishes.

Recent projects for both yachts and aircraft have used these finishes on wall panels, doors and ceiling features, as well on decorative cabin trims, sculptures and bespoke furniture.

Examples of how these finishes can be incorporated into furniture and used in artworks can be seen on the website of the associated business of Frédérique Domergue.

To view our latest samples or discuss your own project, please contact us to arrange a meeting.

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