North American Auto Show Provides Inspiration

The North American Auto Show is held every year, in the US automotive capital, Detroit. As you would expect, its a massive event for everyone involved in the auto industry, but it’s also a great event to check out color and material trends. The types of colors and finishes used in the automotive industry often reflect what we see in interior design, particularly when it comes to furniture and other long-term investments. These are the trends that stick around for a longer time period, as opposed to the season to season changes we see in industries like fashion, so it’s a great show to get a look at some of the broader directions we might be seeing in interiors.

Scott Group Studio attended this year’s event and noticed the following trends:

  • An increase in matte finishes over the last couple of years was noticed, and this trend is holding on strong. Interestingly, it was also observed that several cars mixed a matte and shiny finish, which certainly plays into what we’ve seen in interior design, with the mixed materials trends.
  • Saddle brown interiors were hugely popular. This convertible (featured in the main image) was one of their absolute favorites. The rich bronze exterior in a matte finish was a gorgeous complement to the warm interior.
  • Many of the interiors took this a step further by creating two-toned looks, often with contrast-stitching or piping
  • In the interiors, wood finishes leaned cooler and lighter than in the past, drawing on walnut and blonde wood tones, which is also a shift that has been noticed in residential and commercial interior design over the last few years.
  • Deep reds and Marsala, Pantone’s color of the year for 2015 were well-represented in exterior paint.
  • Also of interest was that many of the greys and taupes had lilac undertones, similar to the interiors blogged about previously by Scott Group, creating a unique and more complex neutral.
  • Across the board, blues were extremely popular, including navy tones, again with a slightly purple undertone, steel grey-blues, as well as bold cobalt blues, with bright “Brilliant Blue” named the North American Automotive Color of the Year.

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For a virtual tour of the North American Auto Show and a closer look at even more color and design trends, visit their website.

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